Skin Cancer Clinic

Guarding Your Skin Health, One Check at a Time!

At Aspire Medical Centre Eastwood, we are committed to promoting skin cancer awareness and providing effective skin cancer checking methods. Here's why it's important to stay informed and get regular skin checks:

  • Early Detection is Key: Skin cancer, if detected early, can be effectively treated, leading to better outcomes. Regular skin checks using advanced techniques like dermoscopy allow us to detect any suspicious lesions or abnormal skin conditions in their earliest stages.

  • Gold Standard Dermoscopy: Our clinic utilizes the gold standard technique of dermoscopy for skin cancer checks. This non-invasive method allows Dr Wan to examine the skin under magnification and identify any potential signs of skin cancer accurately. This method is particularly effective in detecting early melanoma, ensuring safer and more successful treatment.

  • Comprehensive Skin Surveys: During a skin check, Dr Wan conducts a thorough survey of your skin, examining all areas of your body with underclothes on and every single mole on the body. We pay attention to sun-exposed sites and unexpected areas where melanoma can occur, such as the soles of your feet and nails.

  • Strength in Personalization: We understand that everyone's skin health needs are unique. Whether you want a full-body skin check or have specific areas of concern, Dr Wan can tailor the skin examination to your preferences. We work with you to provide a personalized approach to skin cancer detection and prevention.